FlexPerx Brand Guidelines

FlexPerx has specific brand guidelines, also know as the brand style guide that govern the composition, design, and general look-and-feel or our company's branding. These brand guidelines dictate the logo, colors, fonts, affiliate assets, content of the website, advertisements, and similar marketing collateral. Please adhere to these official guidelines. Last updated April 6, 2020.

Logo Variations: Dos

The logo is an integral part of FlexPerx brand and should be used thoughtfully and consistently.

Most often the logo will be presented in color as seen in the first two examples below. But, it can be adopted for use on a dark background where the colors would clash with the colors of the logo. In this case, use the all white logo. If the logo is used in black and white content, you can use the all black logo on a white background.

The logo should only be displayed in these three variations.

Dark Blue 2c3143 44, 49, 67 Backgrounds
Lavender 5f6a8c 95, 106, 140 Lavender in logo
Green ced876 206, 216, 118 Green in logo
Supporting Colors
Red cd3557 205, 53, 87 Buttons, map markers
Dark Red b52c4f Black overlay. Currently not used.
Orange fe984c Map markers
Dark Orange e26052 Currently not used.
80% of Primary Colors
80% Dark Blue 565a69 86, 90, 105 :hover
80% Lavender 7f88a3 127, 136, 163 :hover
80% Green d8e091 216, 224, 145 :hover
80% Red d75d79 215, 93, 121 :hover

Use of Text on Background Colors

White #FFFFFF text on Dark Blue #2c3143 background.
White #FFFFFF text on Lavender #5f6a8c background.
Dark Blue #2c3143 text on Green #ced876 background.

For more information, contact hello@flexperx.com